The advantages of business sustainability are likely already obvious to professionals at any organizational level. As part of the basic units of industry, it is from within each business entity that economic recovery and new momentum will spring forth. Safe and healthy workplaces will stay operational, and continue contributing to the formation and formalization of society’s new options and tactics for tackling life under the new normal. These businesses that embrace sustainability will “write the manual” for thriving economically in a world post-COVID-19.

Within this discussion, business sustainability is often seen as sustaining people who are part of a business for the ultimate goal of helping that business survive and thrive. But remember that the inverse is also true: in keeping businesses alive, they help sustain peoples’ lives.

How? Well, there are two ways among others.

First, a business that keeps running will always need the people it already has. This means that more workers can be retained rather than let go, preserving more livelihoods in the process.

But that’s not all: if a business sustainability strategy is effective enough, it can even create opportunities rather than limiting or removing them. With the right strategy and solutions, you can give your business leeway to bring more people on board even as every other organization is struggling to keep the people they have.

Second, sustaining a business ensures that its output, whether in the form of goods or services, is made continuously available to anyone and everyone who needs them. There will be minimal adverse effects on supply, ensuring that consumer demand can be satisfactorily met.

And this is very important, since all human activity involves the use of goods or services. Daily life means having to eat, use water and electricity, consume workplace supplies, and utilize channels for communication and transport, all to accomplish personal or professional goals and objectives.

All of this illustrates the overlap and the synergy between workers, businesses, and consumers. Thus, each part must participate in protecting the whole. Understand this reality and take action based on it – it may just be what the Philippine economy needs to get back on the right track.

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