If you’ve been following the trends emerging from the nation’s effort at economic recovery, which we’ve previously discussed at length, you’ll already have a clear idea of the good that business sustainability can do – from the employee level, to the company level, and all the way to the industry level.

You might have already put aside your doubts, and are now ready to embrace sustainability solutions as your way forward in the new normal. So how do you choose a partner provider? Well, below are several useful criteria that can point you to the ideal partner equipped with the right strategies suited to your organization’s needs.


Like for almost all businesses battling to overcome COVID-19’s impact on the economy, it’ll be an inconvenience for you to deal with multiple partner providers for your various business sustainability needs. Your best bet in this long-term scenario is a sustainability solutions partner who delivers as many types of services as they can. These types of partner providers are trained to identify clients’ needs on a holistic level, recognizing that an organization runs on a variety of processes that each require due and appropriate attention. Partnering with a provider like this ensures you’ll have all your bases covered, with little need for anything else.


A proper sustainability solutions partner offers tailored services in accord with the unique needs and requirements of your business. This shows that they understand that no two workplaces are exactly alike, even within the same industry. In addition, they must also be flexible in terms of the past, present, and future – recognizing that industries and businesses evolve over time, and keeping up through being well-informed and implementing proper channels for communicating with you.


Communicating with clients is an activity aiming to collect useful information that can be used to improve on services delivered. Your prospect sustainability solutions partner must have venues, channels, and practices that create opportunities for you to convey your concerns about their services rendered. And of course, the way they take action on your concerns shows how much urgency and importance they put on your organization’s well-being, and if they really care above and beyond just delivering the minimum service and charging you for it.


The execution of services must be in compliance with defined quality standards at all times. Also, the experience of enjoying these services must feel uniform across all facilities – in other words, facilities are neither overly-pampered to the point of wastefulness nor neglected to the point of affecting operations. And of course, everything a sustainability solutions partner has learned about your needs must be sustained moving forward, without regressing to old issues or problems.


Sustainability solutions partners aim to promote a business relationship where the client is better off than where they were before, including in the context of management. One of the best advantages they can offer you is the opportunity to easily manage the services rendered. This shows how committed they are to making things easier for you, especially when you already have a lot of important matters to manage in the pursuit of your core business goals. The ideal here is a consolidated service platform with a fixed point of contact, so that you won’t have to talk to a different person for each type of service. Also, clear and effective management processes help you avoid having to worry if the services rendered are solving the problems that they’re supposed to.

How do I find out about all of these?

For most of the criteria above, a simple glance at your prospect partner provider’s website or promotional material should suffice. They will often give a rundown of the services offered, as well as what sets them apart from the competition.

Recommendations and satisfaction ratings from their clients are also usually published, whether on their website or their social media platforms. The latter can be especially revealing, given how active social media can be in a real-time sense. The feedback they receive there, whether positive or negative, is a fair and timely indication of how satisfied their partner clients are with their services.

Altogether, these qualities point to an organization that will care about you, just as much as it cares about itself and its other partners. That means you’ll be in good hands, which is all any organization really needs right now.

Do you have other more specific criteria in mind for choosing a sustainability solutions partner? Sound off in our social media and get the conversation started. Better yet, send us what you have in mind so we can come up with a plan that works for you – it’s as easy as emailing us or getting in touch through our Contact Us page!

Photo element by Sora Shimazaki via pexels.com