There is a wealth of advice out there for businesses who want to protect themselves from the COVID-19 pandemic while generating new upward and forward momentum. Some of the more realistic and achievable suggestions are investing in sustainability solutions, and picking the best sustainability solutions partner based on several useful criteria.

But suppose you’re already convinced that protecting your business is your way forward in the new normal, yet you can’t quite make a decision on who to partner with. Maybe you’re not even sure what the best sustainability solutions partner looks like!

You probably wish there was a single, irrefutable benchmark to determine which sustainability solutions partner is the perfect one for you. Then the decision wouldn’t have to involve reviewing piles upon piles of proposals and quotations, right? Well, fortunately, there is such a criterion.

Just imagine the struggles that businesses all over the country – and even worldwide – have had to endure. Then, pick the sustainability solutions provider who walked away from that ordeal almost like nothing happened, and even used the experience to grow and help others survive.

In other words, the best sustainability solutions partner for you is the one who went through hell, climbed back out, and built a ladder so everyone else in the pit can get to safety.

The ladder, in this scenario, is business continuity achieved through sustainability solutions. And these solutions are distilled from concrete experiences of handling crises. They are the results of calculated risks taken, difficult choices made, and due diligence sustained. An organization that has codified its best practices through this process is uniquely qualified to help others do the same.

For a sustainability solutions provider, these best practices form the core of the very services they offer. The principles and methods they used to survive and thrive in the new normal are adaptable to any kind of organization, giving other clients a feasible way to do the same.

Use the success of these sustainability solutions providers to your advantage. Trust in their experiences and expertise, and let their triumph over the pandemic be your victory as well.

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