A business organization’s pursuit of the ideal sustainability solutions partner is a major part of the goal of surviving and thriving in the new normal. When a business has taken account of every strength and opportunity it has on its own, the next step is finding a partner who can cover up for the weaknesses and help in dealing with the threats.

While a host of criteria have been given to help find the ideal sustainability solutions partner, it’s also important to be mindful of their service model or approach. Traditional service models exist, but by now both their strengths and weaknesses have been well-documented.

The weaknesses of traditional facilities management are particularly burdening to businesses in the new normal. They’ll have to deal with an overall loss of cohesion, especially since component services can be from different providers.

And this lack of cohesiveness has multiple ripple effects: inconsistent service quality and customer experience, lack of assurance of different providers’ qualifications and licenses, multiple points of contact for concerns, and higher costs and resource consumption are just some of the most inconvenient. Altogether, these inconveniences serve to distract, delay, or even prevent a business from focusing on their key goals as well as their business continuity goals.

While this makes your options seem limited, the emergence of new service models actually gives you more choices that will help you accomplish your business continuity goals for the best value. One of the fastest rising innovations in this field is Integrated Facilities Management, and it can be your key to surviving and thriving in the new normal.

Integrated Facilities Management or IFM is a platform that consolidates the various components of facilities management into a harmonious and more easily manageable whole. This approach was developed to magnify the advantages and minimize or eliminate the weaknesses of traditional facilities management models.

IFM does away with all of the previously mentioned hindrances of traditional services, and instead provides you with a cost-effective, easily-managed, and reliable service platform that has everything you’ll need to pick up win after win. The cohesion of IFM ensures that everything you need to manage gets managed and that your decisions will have lasting effect, all while protecting you from high costs and management risks.

You’ll also have legitimate expertise and innovation at your disposal. The integrated approach opens up new synergized strategies while also building upon tried-and-tested ones, which would not be possible from separate services under different providers using their own systems for management and quality assurance. And with new types of challenges emerging all the time in addition to older ones, you’ll need fresh solutions alongside reliable staples.

Rather than trying something new just for the novelty, go for Integrated Facilities Management because it balances strategies and methods that don’t need fixing with a 21st century perspective of what it means to support a business. Go for a business continuity partner that offers IFM, and that understands how much of an impact this approach can make in the new normal.

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