With all this talk being generated about the importance of using managed services to protect your business in the new normal, you may be wondering what facilities management geared towards surviving and thriving can give you. Well, Integrated Facilities Management is the approach that has solid answers to that question! IFM brings New Normal-oriented advantages to the table that you won’t get with any traditional approach. Take a look at each of them and discover how they can help you survive and thrive in these crucial times.

A clean and healthy workplace

As was discovered at the early stages of the pandemic, the coronavirus is vulnerable to standard sanitation and disinfection procedures. Like other coronaviruses, its protective outer covering is dissolved upon contact with properly formulated cleaning agents like soap, as well as alcohol and properly formulated cleaning agents. This exposes the sensitive core of the virus to the outside world, deactivating it.

With a dedicated sanitation team under an IFM contract that harnesses this knowledge to regularly disinfect your workplace, you’ll be giving your employees a powerful layer of protection against infection from any variant of COVID-19. They’ll be able to fully function at work without worry, which is what your business constantly needs from your employees in order to thrive.

A workplace that practically runs itself

Apart from sanitizing your workplace, IFM can also cover a broad spectrum of your other functional needs. And these are processes that are vital to your business activities even if they’re not directly related to your core objectives. They include maintaining your facilities, ensuring the availability of supplies, fine-tuning your organization’s internal environments, sustaining functionality of equipment and communication channels, and other essential peripheral workflows that support the accomplishment of core business tasks.

Naturally, overseeing all of them would take an enormous chunk of your time and attention, and it’s not always possible to delegate this management task to someone else on your team. Under IFM, you can have someone else to manage these important processes using their own time and attention. Therefore, you won’t have to go through so much trouble to ensure that all sides of your business are contributing to the same overall outcomes.

Easily accessible world-class facilities management expertise

IFM isn’t as simple as offering an entire truckload of different services. It requires real expertise in managed services, especially in terms of how to build and sustain a service platform with multiple components. At the hands of a service provider that does not fully understand IFM, these component services are just going to step on each other’s toes at best; at worst, they’ll be actively hindering each other’s workflows as well as your own core processes.

A managed services provider who specializes in IFM, however, knows exactly what to do at every stage of the IFM implementation because they’ve seen all the possible organization- and industry-specific scenarios before. They have all the necessary certifications and licenses for any type of component service they offer under IFM, and they know how to implement these in a way that brings out the best in a client’s business and without creating new challenges as a side effect. In other words, a provider who truly knows what IFM is all about can provide a seamless workplace management experience.

Protection from personnel management complications

Performance and conduct will always affect how valuable your facilities management team will be to you. Excellence and professionalism will always lead to outstanding service, which is of very high value to a business and its clients. On the other hand, complacency and lack of professionalism will lead to inadequate facilities management, which can ruin a business organization’s internal momentum and reputation among clientele. And surely, from experience with running your business you already know how difficult it is to manage a great number of employee life cycles, from hiring all the way to performance management and even retention.

Integrated Facilities Management is one way you can delegate personnel management to a managed services provider. Under IFM, the managed services partner can handle all such tasks, not only giving the business more time to focus on actually managing internal team members, but also insulating them from complications that may arise from handling a greater number of personnel such as cost, conflicts of interest between teams, and perceived mismanagement.

Cost savings from places you never expected

Given that Integrated Facilities Management is a streamlining service model by nature, having a managed services provider implement it for your business will clear up a lot of the clutter in your operations. Everything will become easier to see and manage, and as that happens you’ll notice that the clutter you just got rid of was consuming more resources than was ever necessary.

It might be funding, materials, time, manpower, or management allocation. Processes that are either redundant or ultimately contributing nothing are the usual suspects, and IFM consolidates or trims away these functions so you can budget your resources more wisely. In the long run, the cost savings from this efficient management can be directed to your future projects and initiatives for recovery and growth.

Is there a specific business advantage not mentioned here that you’d like to gain today? Our Integrated Facilities Management service line can handle that, too! Book a consult with our team today through email or our website and let us discuss your needs.

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