Business are being told more and more often these days to seek ways to protect their people and workplace. After all, employees and facilities are both crucial to sustaining operations and attempting growth in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. When even one of these aspects is negatively affected, the business suffers and struggles to survive and thrive.

That’s because workers and work environments are intrinsically linked. They are essential to each other for achieving their respective maximum potentials. Workplaces bring out the best in workers, and workers bring out the usefulness of workplaces.

So what happens to your costs when you invest in protecting both in the middle of this crisis? As professionals get wiser about what to rightfully expect from a safe and healthy workplace, it’ll ultimately be to your advantage to make sure your own people are confident that they’re working in one.

Save on hiring and training costs

Professionals today are getting savvier when it comes to choosing to stay with their employers. That’s their prerogative – a professional’s time, effort, and talents are too precious to devote to an employer who won’t take care of them in turn. And that includes ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.

And keep in mind that perception of poor workplace safety and health spreads among employees, which means that one resignation due to what they believe to be unsafe and unhealth conditions can lead to a chain reaction – an exodus of employees over a long enough period of time, resulting in vacancies that can be expensive to keep filling up. This pile-up of costs is significant, because an organization may be losing employees that they have already trained and upskilled with the goal of having them stay and maximize their learnings to push the company ahead of the competition.

Pre-pandemic, employees felt their workplace to be safe and healthy through proper implementation of occupational safety & health initiatives, adequate medical benefits, employee engagement activities that promote health, cybersecurity strategies, and proper security measures against crime in the workplace and its immediate perimeter.

Effective occupational safety and health strategies and initiatives

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