WHAT EMPLOYERS WANT: What EVERY company wants in a new hire, part 5

WHAT EMPLOYERS WANT: What EVERY company wants in a new hire, part 5

We’re just about done rounding up the things that make candidates valuable to employers. It’s time to look into the last advantage that you can gain in your career-seeking quest. Here we go!


“Proper” is not as simple as “good”. When something is proper, it is good within the right context. When we do something properly, we are not only doing it right. We are also showing our awareness and understanding of the situations where it is the right thing to do.

This well-formed professional and ethical orientation is one of the most desirable qualities that employers seek in prospect hires. But why is that the case? Well, almost every situation at work requires special handling. Our usual way of doing things won’t always be appropriate, which is why codes of conduct are formed for use inside workplaces. For example, it’s common courtesy to be friendly and warm towards other people, but that’s not always the correct way to be polite toward clients.

In other words, professionalism is all about doing the right thing within the workplace context, while ethics is doing what’s right in general. Ethics serves as the general foundation for a career-seeker to be specifically professional. A career-seeker with a proficient grasp of both will be more successful at getting the attention of employers because they have the potential to excel at dealing with the people that companies conduct business with.

Aside from the value of professional and ethical behavior for interfacing with clients, it is also an important factor in proper teamwork. Teams and of course entire organizations are made up of different kinds of people. Even if their recruiters try to source only candidates that will fit within the company culture, there will still be individual differences that can lead to conflict if allowed to get in the way of work. Putting these differences aside to work as a productive unit requires utmost professionalism and ethical behavior.

At the very core of these two attractive sides of professional and ethical behavior is the ability to make sound and reasonable judgments. This high level of decision-making is very useful in any job because it allows professionals to consider important factors before making tough choices. It is what helps professionals decide which moments are appropriate for certain actions. This is an effective best practice for maximizing business opportunities, which can change or even disappear when specific situations are handled poorly.

Keeping this in mind, any professional should have a clear idea of the proper way to gain the attention of their target employers. Not only that, they must also be able to exhibit and maintain these desirable traits and abilities throughout their stay with the company.

There are many ways to exhibit such qualities, and one of them is reflecting on our comments about what employers want from candidates. So go ahead, take our advice and adapt it to your uniqueness; you may just bring out the best version of yourself!

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