ON THE ROAD: The many ways of traveling to work and vice versa, part 2

ON THE ROAD: The many ways of traveling to work and vice versa, part 2

Isn’t it hard to pick the best way to get to work? Is there any way to make it even a bit easier? Well, there just might be! We’ve put together a concise analysis of the most common ways professionals get to work. Read on and find out the pros and cons of this week’s pick!

You picked: The Jeepney

Speed: 3. You’re not the only passenger. There will be frequent pickups and drops. If you take a jeepney from a terminal, the driver is also likely to wait and fill up every seat before leaving.

Availability: 3. Terminal queues can get very long. If you wait for passing jeepneys, they will most likely be full already during key hours of the day.

Comfort: 1. The normal scenario is a full jeepney. Barkers pack as many passengers as possible into one vehicle, with no regard for their comfort.

Safety: 3. Jeepney drivers have a tendency to drive recklessly, in an effort to compete for passengers with other jeepneys. The vehicle is also open to robbers or other criminals.

Cost: 5. The jeepney is the cheapest mode of transport on main roads here in the Philippines.

When is the best time to take a jeepney?

Take a jeepney when you have reasonable time and you need to budget your fare.

Check out our page next week when we explore another of the many options you have for getting to work!

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