ON THE ROAD: The many ways of traveling to work and vice versa, part 3

ON THE ROAD: The many ways of traveling to work and vice versa, part 3

Isn’t it hard to pick the best way to get to work? Is there any way to make it even a bit easier? Well, there just might be! We’ve put together a concise analysis of the most common ways professionals get to work. Read on and find out the pros and cons of this week’s pick!

You picked: The UV Express

Speed: 3. Similar to the jeepney scenario, you are not the only passenger. The driver will pick up and drop off, and also try to fill up the vehicle.

Availability: 2. Queues for UV Express vehicles are also long, and they are more in demand because they are more comfortable than jeepneys.

Comfort: 3. Being air-conditioned, they are somewhat more comfortable than jeepneys. Passengers are also not exposed to strong winds or rain.

Safety: 3. UV Express drivers also compete to pick up passengers, which makes them just as safe as jeepneys. Being public vehicles, they are also vulnerable to petty criminals on the street.

Cost: 3. UVs are still somewhat affordable, and are only slightly more expensive than jeepneys.

When is the best time to take a UV Express?

Take UVs when you can afford a more comfortable experience, with similar speed and availability to jeepneys.

Check out our page next week when we explore another of the many options you have for getting to work!

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