ON THE ROAD: The many ways of traveling to work and vice versa, part 4

ON THE ROAD: The many ways of traveling to work and vice versa, part 4

Isn’t it hard to pick the best way to get to work? Is there any way to make it even a bit easier? Well, there just might be! We’ve put together a concise analysis of the most common ways professionals get to work. Read on and find out the pros and cons of this week’s pick!

You picked: The Bus

Speed: 3. Buses have similar issues as other public transport. They also prioritize filling seats and will make frequent stops to pick up or drop off passengers.

Availability: 2. Buses are the dominant public transport on national highways. Most people will take buses especially if they have to go very far, so demand for buses is very high.

Comfort: 1. Depending on whether the bus is air-conditioned or not, you will experience moderate to high discomfort due to the smaller seats and possibility of standing for the whole trip.

Safety: 3. Buses are similar to other public modes of transport in terms of safety. Passenger security is dependent on passengers’ alertness, and accidents are possible as with any vehicle.

Cost: 3. Buses are not too expensive, but also not as cheap as jeepneys. Longer trips will be more expensive.

When is the best time to take buses?

Take buses when your workplace is very far from your home, and if you can tolerate advantages and disadvantages that are similar to UVs.

Check out our page next week when we explore another of the many options you have for getting to work!

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