ON THE ROAD: The many ways of traveling to work and vice versa, part 5

ON THE ROAD: The many ways of traveling to work and vice versa, part 5

Isn’t it hard to pick the best way to get to work? Is there any way to make it even a bit easier? Well, there just might be! We’ve put together a concise analysis of the most common ways professionals get to work. Read on and find out the pros and cons of this week’s pick!

You picked: The Train

Speed: 4. Thankfully, in most cases trains have a limit to how long they can wait for passengers to get on or off. They also are not affected by traffic, but can be slowed down by machine failure.

Availability: 1. Being popular for their speed, trains can gain massive passenger queues. Be prepared to wait in line for a long time.

Comfort: 1. Expect trains to be absolutely crowded. Everyone is trying to get on a train right away and maximize the speed advantage, so shoving is a real hazard.

Safety: 3. Trains are relatively safe, but be alert at all times. Pickpockets take advantage of tightly-packed crowds, and sometimes sudden brakes occur.

Cost: 3. Paying for a train ride is similar to paying bus or UV fare. For convenience, there is an option to buy reloadable cards with greater denominations.

When is the best time to take the train?

Take the train when you have little time to spare. Just make sure you line up early so that the speed advantage is not wasted.

Check out our page next week when we explore another of the many options you have for getting to work!

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