Reminders after our first year of lockdown

As we close our first week after one year of being in various levels of community quarantine, we need to reexamine our mentality regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the ways we’re dealing with it.

How video technology can help with your career resurgence

Video technology has gotten bigger over the past year. It’s made a lot of things possible, from communication and education to public awareness-building and business innovations. Here are some of the best ways to use it to help you get your next career jumpstart.

What the working Filipino can expect for 2021

The challenges of the pandemic pose hurdles to overcome in order for people to survive, and human tenacity and ingenuity drive everyone to step up and do whatever is necessary to stay above the water.

Reminders for happy (and safe!) holidays

With clear minds and hearts, we can fully embrace and celebrate the true meaning of the holidays. Why don’t we take a moment to ponder some reminders that can help us adjust our yearly habits and focus on celebrating Christmas in the safest way possible?

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