Job Position:

Location: Las Piñas City
Job Description:

  • Start up and shut down of all utility equipment during plant operation
  • Maintain and monitor emergency equipment (Gen-set and Fire Pump) and ensure their proper operational functions in case of emergency
  • Operate and maintain pollution control equipment (Waste water treatment and vapor scrubber system) and ensures compliance with the government and company’s Employee Health and Safety (EHS) and quality system standards
  • Monitor and ensure the efficiency of the scrubber unit and waste water treatment facility for pollution control purpose
  • Prepare accomplishment report, update logbook to record details regarding repair and maintenance work for monitoring purposes
  • Maintain a logbook/computer file to record the status of equipment and activities in his assigned shift
  • Maintain a clear and orderly working area to ensure safety and cleanliness at all times
  • Monitor and Maintain regular inventory of chemicals to ensure availability at all times
  • Conduct regular check up on plant machinery to ensure good running condition and perform troubleshooting in case of breakdown or malfunctioning. In these respects, he will:
    • Install motors and pumps
    • Ensure proper wiring
    • Recommend replacement of machine parts and informs superior for immediate requisite or purchase
    • Assemble/disassemble and overhaul equipment, and
    • Test running condition if motor prior to actual use to prevent any occurrence of any accident and damage to people, environment and properties.


  • Must be at least a Vocational Graduate (NC II in Electrical Installation and Maintenance, Instrumentation Control and Servicing, Machining, Mechatronics Servicing or Plant Maintenance)
  • At least 2 years in maintenance operation
  • Specific skill in fabrication, pneumatic, motor control, mechanical, instrumentation and electrical troubleshooting
  • Willing to be assigned in Las Piñas City