Job Position:

Location: Balintawak, Quezon City
Job Description:

  • Deliver boxes while operating a tractor-trailer truck, sometimes over intercity routes or spanning several states.
  • Load and unload cargo.
  • Record amount and type of cargo being delivered.
  • Take orders for new delivers.
  • Drive long distances.
  • Fill up on fuel, clean truck, and wash windows.
  • Report to a dispatcher any incidents encountered on the road.
  • Monitor road conditions and watch for traffic congestion.
  • Follow all applicable traffic laws.
  • Inspect their trailer before and after the trip, and record any defects they find.
  • Follow accident procedures if an accident occurs.
  • Keep a log of their activities.
  • Reports serious mechanical problems to the appropriate personnel.
  • Keep their truck, and associated equipment, clean and in good working order.


  • At least high school graduate
  • With at least 1 year work experience in the same field
  • Has a driver’s license with restriction code 1 2 3 8
  • Familiarity of Metro Manila area
  • Knowledgeable about traffic laws
  • must have a clean driving record
  • Must be a safety conscious person
  • Must be focused, confident, and observant